Goalkeepers! Are you going for a trial?

Going for a trial for a new team is like going to an interview for a new job. So whether your trying out for a new Sunday league team or going for a trial at a professional academy, treat your trial like applying for a new job.GetAttachment (2)

I have seen many goalkeepers turn up for trial days or showcase games like they have just finished a training session in the mud.

First impressions do count.

I am not saying turn up in a suit and a briefcase, but make sure your football boots are clean and your goalkeeper gloves don’t have holes in. Plus you will feel more professional.GetAttachment (1)

If you manage to get into a professional or semi-professional club you will be finned for having dirty boots.

So next time you are going for a trial remember to clean your football boots and make sure your goalkeeper gloves aren’t on their last legs.