Goalkeeper wars!

If you ask a goalkeeper what’s your favourite goalkeeping drill? I would say the majority would say goalkeeper wars!

After all the handling, footwork, diving, distribution drills that us keepers go through, we wont to test our new skills out. What better way to do this in a game of goalie wars.banner1

Each week at our goalkeeper training sessions around the world 100’s of goalkeepers train with J4K, improving their keeper skills and building their confidence. As keeper coaches we all want our keepers to improve and most of all have fun. That’s where goalie wars comes into our training sessions and goalkeeper residential.

Last year at our goalkeeper training residential we ran a goalkeeper wars tournament on the last day. This was a great way for the keepers to have fun and show of there skills.

We have put together a video below to show you the final of the keeper wars tournament at our Reading goalkeeper camp.

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