Goalkeeper training in Fleetwood

With the rise of Fleetwood F.C football is becoming more and more popular in the area and so is our Just4keepers goalkeeper training.Screenshot_2014-10-17-23-11-47

At our goalkeeper coaching classes we make sure very goalkeeper is having fun whilst building there confidence. We think that as a coach if you can make your training sessions fun then our goalkeepers will build confidence and learn at a quick rate.

We have put together a few tips below you can take with you into your next match

The three golden rules of goalkeeping

  • Get your body behind the ball whenever possible
  • never take your eyes of the ball
  • treat every shot the same (concentrate on the easy shot just as much as the hard shots)

So if you are a goalkeeper looking to improve in and around the Fleetwood and Blackpool area then contact Lewis Bishop

07706448467 – lewisbishop@just4keepers.co.uk