Goalkeeper gloves, which do I choose?right pic

Goalkeeper gloves, soccer glove, goalie gloves whatever you want to call them, they are by far the most important piece of equipment for a goalkeeper. Choosing the right pair of gloves is very important for a keeper, it can make the difference between a brilliant save and a good effort. Picking a great goalkeeper glove means better grip, protection and cushioning for your fingers and palms. Goalkeeper gloves are mainly made from natural and synthetic latex foams. Some goalkeeper gloves are meant for wet weather some are for hard grounds. There really is a massive choice to choose from. One thing to think of when choosing your gloves is the price. The more expensive glove does not mean it is right for you, or that the £30 pair is not as good as the £60 (many keepers get fooled by brands or prices) try the glove on first before you look at the price.11407264_1012925065384581_1753280727764846924_n

At www.gloves4goalkeepers.com we offer a wide range of goalkeeper gloves to suit everyone. So whether you’re looking for a flat palm or roll finger you’ll be able to find your perfect glove.

If you would like any help or advice on goalkeeper gloves then email lewisbishop@just4keepers.co.uk