Blackpool goalkeeper coach

Fast feet, good handling, high catches, communication, top corner saves, kicking everything we teach plus more at Just4keepers.

It’s a shame that more goalkeepers don’t get the right weekly training in Blackpool. There are more and more clubs offering their keepers goalkeeper training in Blackpool which is great in one way, but very damaging in another way. Most of the time the training these goalkeepers will get is from someone who has played in goal once or has very little experience coaching and playing as a goalkeeper.AHorizon2

This is why Just4keepers is very passionate about getting the correct training for goalkeepers in and around Blackpool.

I have personally seen so many goalkeepers stop playing or pick up bad habits because they find goalkeeping boring, their coach is giving them the wrong information, their coach shouts at them all the time, the wrong training can destroy your keepers confidence.

At our weekly goalkeeper training in Blackpool we make sure every keepers confidence is sky high plus working in small groups so we can iron out any bad habits and help them become the best goalkeeper they can be for your club.

If you would like to try out a FREE session at one of our venues in Blackpool then contact Lewis Bishop.

We promise we will improve your goalkeeper!

Take a look at our video below when we coached the junior goalkeepers at Poulton Town.