4 weeks FREE goalkeeper coaching




1. Remain Focused

Even when the football is at the other side of the field you must remain focused during the game. Many goalkeepers start to focus when the ball is near the 18 yard box which is a bad routine. Stay switched on.

2. Watch the football

Your primary mission as goalkeeper is to save shoots from your opponents. But make sure you watch the movement of the football. Don’t take your eyes of the football on a shot against you, until the football is in your hands or in a safe place.

3. Don’t stay on your line

Don’t stay on the line and wait for your opponent. In one vs. one situations you must progress of your line to narrow the angle. A tip is one of the only times you should be on your goal line is on penalties. the further the ball is away from your goal means the further you should stand off your line.

4. Training

Make sure you train every week. Also make sure you don’t just train on your strengths. If you struggle diving to your left, then work on diving to your left.

5. Make less Mistakes

We all know that when a goalkeeper makes a mistake it usually means the opposition will score a goal. That’s why its important for a goalkeeper to train every week and repeat drills so you will not have any surprises in a game. We will always make mistakes but we must try and reduce our mistakes.

6. Confidence and belief

Have confidence in yourself. This one is one of the most important things for a keeper. Always tell yourself you are the best goalkeeper and believe it. This will go a long way and help your game. Even when you concede a goal you must remain confident and motivated.

7. Don’t make the first move

Let your opponent make the first move. What we mean by this is try not guess where the shot is going. This can catch you out and if you have a clever striker they will fake the shot, and just dribble around you. Stand up strong and act and the shot.

8. Communication

This is key for a goalkeeper. Talking and organising your defence can prevent goals, keep you switch on and keep your defence switch on. Every successful team have a goalkeeper who can communicate.

9. Don’t think

This can sound silly but many goalkeepers over think a save. A through ball had been through your defence and your start to think should I go or stay. By the time you have thought the striker has the ball and has scored. Training every week will make situations second nature so you wont have to think.

10. Body Language

Try to read the body language of your opponent. Don’t just rush out and hope for the best. That is never the thing to do! Planning matters!

Remember, you need to always stay focused and be 2 steps ahead of your opponent in order to have a chance to save a shot or to win a 1 vs. 1 duel.