Goalkeeper training schools at Middlewich leisure center

goalkeeper training at Middlewich leisure center Just4keepers now run a weekly goalkeeper training class in Middlewich. The goalkeeper coaching class is for goalkeepers in the Middlewich, Northwich, Macclesfield and Crewe area. Our goalkeeper coaching classes are designed to help improve every goalkeeper aged 6 up to 16 boy or girl. So if you would like to Read more

Weekly Goalkeeper training schools in Preston, Blackpool and Blackburn.

Goalkeeper training in Preston, Blackpool and Blackburn. At Just4keepers we believe that goalkeepers need to train on a weekly basis, that’s why Just4keepers run weekly goalkeeper coaching classes in Preston, Blackpool and Blackburn. For goalkeepers to improve they need to train each week. We don’t have block courses, we have classes each week throughout the year. So if Read more

Do you know how much are university fee’s in the US?

Soccer scholarship. How much are university fee’s in the US? If you are lucky enough to study in the USA you will find that there university fee’s areabout the same price as universities in the UK. A typical US university will charge around $20,000 a year to attend there university. So if you get offered Read more

Weekly Goalkeeper training classes in Bury

Goalkeeper training in Bury Just4Keepers now has specialized goalkeeping coaching in over 80% of the UK so we are proud to say that we now have goalkeeper coaching in Bury. In order to really develop as a good/great goalkeeper you will need a goalkeeper coaching school that is 110% focused on nothing other than goalkeeping coaching, and who Read more

Play soccer in America

Play soccer in America Goalkeeper soccer scholarships Just4keepers and the goalkeeperscholarship.com have teamed up with totalgoalkeeping.com to offer goalkeepers a website that provides everything a goalkeeper needs. If you are a goalkeeper aged 16-24 and you would like the opportunity to play soccer in America visitwww.goalkeeperscholarship.com and fill in there free application form. Visit there website to find out more information Read more

New goalkeeper coaching venue in Bury Lancashire

New goalkeeper coaching venue in Bury Lancashire In the new year J4K will have another new venue opening in Bury (Lancashire) The new goalkeeper coaching venue will be ran by Lewis Bishop and Darren Ford. With both of there goalkeeper coaching and playing experiences they will be teaching every goalkeeper all the techniques you need to Read more

New goalkeeper venue in Macclesfield

New goalkeeper venue in Macclesfield Just4keepers will be opening a brand new goalkeeping venue in Macclesfield. The weekly goalkeeper coaching school will be for goalkeepers aged 6 to 17. Each session will be ran by a professional goalkeeper coach in a fun environment. Just4keepers now runs goalkeeper training classes in Stoke and Middlewich. The new Read more

Weekly goalkeeping training in Preston

Weekly goalkeeping training in Preston Just4keepers goalkeeper training in Preston Are you a goalkeeper looking for weekly goalkeeping classes? Just4keepers offers goalkeeper training in Preston every week. Each class is designed to help improve every goalkeeper whilst having fun in a non pressured environment. To find out more about our goalkeeper coaching classes in Preston Read more

J4k goalkeepers gloves

J4k goalkeepers gloves Goalkeeping gloves, goalie gloves, goalkeeper kit, goalkeeping equipment. Everything for the goalkeeper – welcome to gloves4keepers. The main difference with Just4keepers to the majority of other online stores is that Gloves4keepers.co.uk is a store ran by goalkeepers, for goalkeepers. So because we are keepers ourselves we make certain that our prices are Read more

Goalkeeping coaching in Stoke (video)

Goalkeeping coaching in Stoke Just4keepers run weekly goalkeeping classes in Stoke every week. Stoke is the home place of Stoke City F.C. Our goalkeeping schools are ran for goalkeepers aged 6 up to 18. Each class is designed to help improve and build the confidence of every goalkeeper. If you would like to attend a Read more