Goalkeeper Training in Rugby

Are you a goalkeeper who is frustrated because of the lack of goalkeeper training in rugby, well this will be a thing of the past because you will have the opportunity to be be trained by ex professional goalkeeper Jason Pearcey. Jason has a wealth of experience playing professional for over a decade as is Read more

How does a soccer scholarship work?

How does a soccer scholarship work? Step one- Find the right scholarship consultant agency to help you get a soccerscholarship. Most agency charge around £1000/£2000 to help you get a scholarship, but the Goalkeeperscholarship.com charge £75 as they are there only for goalkeepers. Step two- Once you have found the right agency, they will help you showcase Read more

Improve your goalkeeping skills

Do you want to improve your goalkeeping skills? Just4keepers are very proud to help goalkeepers all over the world. We are here to help every goalkeeper improve in every way. Our classes are built around having fun, working hard and focusing on every aspect of goalkeeping. So if your interested in improving your goalkeeper skills Read more

What goalkeeper gloves should I buy?

What goalkeeper gloves should I buy? Roll Finger Goalkeeper Gloves The Roll Finger Glove is probably the most popular glove palm for professional goalkeepers and this type of palm is suitable for goalkeepers with thin, slender hands or fingers. Negative Cut Goalkeeper Gloves/ Negative Cut gloves are generally suitable for goalkeepers with broad hands and Read more

Goalkeeper Glove Sponsorship

Free Goalkeeper Gloves Below are more goalkeepers that J4K Surrey have sponsored, to get goalkeeper glove sponsorship visit www.thegoalkeepergloveshop.co.uk. For FREE goalkeeper training in Surrey please contact J4K Surrey Today

How to clean your goalkeeper gloves (video)

How to clean your goalkeeper gloves I always get asked from goalkeepers ‘how do I clean my goalkeeper gloves’ and ‘why are more goalkeeper gloves ripping’ The easy answer to that is that they are not looking after there goalkeeper gloves properly. Watch the video below and this will show you how to clean your Read more

Just4keepers – Touching Goalkeeper Lives worldwide!

I am so humble running Just4keepers goalkeeper schools and helping goalkeepers. Sometimes we cannot get to personally coach goalkeepers because of where they live around the world but thanks to the internet and our free email service to keepers, listen to what this young goalkeeper from Africa states. J4K – Always copied but never emulated!!! Read more

Loads of FREE Goalkeeper Videos!

DEar fellow goalkeeper and goalkeeper coaches I hope you are well? I forgot to tell about another FREE service myself and J4K does for our members! Please check out the 2 links below. These are you tubes channel J4K owns and there is TONS of free goalkeeper training session videos for you to view. Do Read more

Dealing with crosses, goalkeeping

Dealing with crosses, goalkeeping For a goalkeeper you have to be able to deal with crosses coming into the box. This is one of the most highly rated skills that a top goalkeeper can have. If a goalkeeper can deal with every ball that is played into the box he will instill confidence into his Read more

Goalkeeper training in Preston

Goalkeeper training in Preston Our goalkeeper training in Preston is ran on a Monday night at the BAC/EE Sports and social club. 6:30/7:30 11 years and younger 7:30/8:30 12 years and older Just4keepers believe that goalkeepers need to train each week. That why our classes are ran every week throughout the year. The goalkeeper training Read more